Our Services

Shauna Health Care Service Solutions Limited provides a wide range of home health care services aimed at making it possible for clients to remain in the comfort of their home and in familiar surroundings.
A registered nurse will provide an in home assessment in order to determine a client’s needs and the level of care required. We can help with everything from companionship and light housekeeping to skilled nursing care.

Supported Living
Our supported living services provide innovative and person-centred support enabling people with autism, learning disabilities, mental health illnesses and challenging behaviours to live as independently as possible within their own homes and in the local community

Skilled Nursing Care
Shauna Health Care Service Solutions Limited employs both Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses to provide skilled care in the home. This type of service could include administering medications, wound care, dressing changes, tube feedings, IV and infusion therapy.

Live-In, 24-Hour Care
Patients who require constant care and supervision frequently do better at home.
They prefer the comfort and security that their home affords.
We provide the appropriate level of care that they require.
Our goal is to support the patients belief that "when it comes to health care ... there's no place like home."

Bathing & Personal Care
A certified-home-health aide can provide assistance with bathing and personal care in the home or in a facility.
All services involving any type of personal care are supervised by a registered nurse.

Medication Assistance
A registered nurse can set up a client’s medications on a weekly or biweekly basis.
She can also communicate with the doctor and the pharmacy when changes are made.
Home Health Aides can assist the nurse by making sure that a client takes his/her medications at the appropriate times.

There are times when it is best for a client not to be alone.
Home Health Aides and homemakers can provide companionship in the home or at a facility.

Respite Services
This service offers caregivers and family members an opportunity to take a much-needed break from the stress of caring for a family member.
Respite care can be provided in a block of time to best suit the needs of the family.

Meal Preparation
Home Health Aides and Companions can offer assistance with meal preparation and feeding.
This service is especially helpful for diabetics and clients with other specific nutritional needs.
Laundry & Light Cleaning
Homemakers can help clients by performing duties, such as dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, laundry and linen changes.

Errands & Grocery Shopping
Shauna Health Care Service Solutions Limited employees are able to assist clients with errands, such as filling prescriptions, grocery shopping and accompanying them to doctors appointments.